Craft 6 Pack holder

My brother Tanner and his long time girlfriend Claire recently made the decision to move to Charleston, South Carolina. Although we're sad to see them go, we couldn't be any happier for them. 

When Tanner told me he was leaving I decided I wanted to make him something to take with him and I couldn't think of anything cooler than a home made 6 pack holder for he and Claire to tote with them to the beach (where it's legal)! Here is the process from start to finish!

That night I started drafting up ideas for the logo to go on the front. After hours or work, (with multiple illustrator questions for my college roommate Bri) I finally had a final product that I was happy with. 

After picking out wood, my dad and I went to my pop's to cut the pieces. I had taken shop classes in college so I was familiar with all the tools, but my Poppop was a shop teacher for a verrrryyyy long time at Palmerton High School so it was amazing to see all his tips and tricks to maintain good craftsmanship. 

My dad and I brought my dog Reese along to my Nanny and Poppop's and she was in HEAVEN.

After cutting the wood, it was time to transfer and burn the logo. This was a long and tedious process but I'm so so happy with how it turned out.

After the burning it was time to assemble the holder as my dad sat and laughed at my lack of upper body strength.

Finally it was time to polyurethane it!

After it was all finished it was time to document it before it left with Tanner for South Carolina. I was so happy with the final product that I was sad to see it go. Good thing I made a second for myself :). 

I'll miss Tanner and Claire like crazy, but I'm so looking forward to seeing them grow together (and to visit them at beach obviously).